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At your local Cheltenham podiatrists Melbourne we offer various treatments in regard to foot care. Three of these are shown below, and the showcased ‘New PACT Treatment’ is an excellent addition to the comprehensive services we provide.


PACT nail fungus therapy

PACT nail fungus therapy (PACT photodynamic therapy) is new to Australia. Your local Cheltenham Podiatry group in  Melbourne is proud to be one of the first clinics in Melbourne to introduce it as an option for fungal nail therapy. Photodynamic therapy uses a chemical reaction with light that

causes no pain or side effects. PACT treatment requires three sessions within a seven day period for best results. The fungus infested nail is filed, the blue non toxic dye is applied, and a ten minute period is required for the dye to penetrate the fungi.An intense LED Light is then applied for ten minutes. There is no pain, heat, or side effects. Clinically, it appears to be 80% successful, which is equivalent to laser treatment.  All cases are reviewed after 3-4 months to check for healthy growth. The dead fungal nail has to then grow out, and nails grow slowly. In a small percentage of cases, a 4th treatment maybe required. Severe cases may require an alternate treatment plan. Contact the clinic for enquiries and introductory specials




Parrafin Foot Therapy     

Cheltenham Podiatry Melbourne now offers Perfect sense single use parrafin wax treatments for arthritis and dry skin conditions. This thermotherapy  is a modern  all-natural blend of Swiss Apple Stem Cell, Grape Seed Oil, White and green Tea,Vitamins A, C and E, Panthenol, B12, soy extracts and Sorbitan Stearate for antioxidant and nourishment support, is  used to soften and the smooth skin.  The  emollient softens skin and pores are opened by the heat.  As with parrafin wax it can be used to treat variety of physical conditions, dry skin conditions  and  for those suffering from sports-related injuries. This form of heat therapy treatment is beneficial for muscle,joints, tendons and ligaments. For arthritic conditions, the treatment increases blood flow, improves joint stiffness, and reduces pain. It can also employed to treat bursitis, tendonitis, sprains and pulled muscles.  Contact the clinic for introductory offers.


Compression Therapy

Gravity can cause blood to pool in the lower body, leading to tired, achy legs, or more serious circulatory problems such as phlebitis, varicose veins anddeep vein thrombosis. Elevating the limb provides only temporary relief. Compression therapy is a non-invasive treatment that improves circulation and provides effective relief. Compression therapy uses snug-fitting stockings, to keep pressure on the veins in feet, ankles, and legs. The pressure forces fluid in the legs to move back into the blood vessels. When the swelling goes down, skin and surrounding tissues receive the oxygen and nutrition they need. These supports are made to fit snugly to reduce swelling and increase circulation. The pressure is greater at the foot and ankle and decreases as it goes up to the knee. Compression stockings and pads are designed to fit perfectly and exert just the right amount of constant pressure on your feet and legs, forcing your blood through narrower channels, increasing pressure and causing more blood to return to the heart, and less to pool in the feet. Compression therapy may also be helpful in reducing or preventing varicose veins.

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