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We carry out diabetic foot assessments and specialised Doppler Ultrasound analysis as well as recommending and implementing tailored treatment options for people with diabetic foot conditions. 


Diabetes is a chronic disease that means a person’s body does not produce enough insulin.

Insulin is needed to convert glucose into energy, meaning that people with diabetes often need to keep a close eye on their health and diet.


Diabetes can also directly affect the feet in various ways if blood glucose levels aren’t properly maintained. 

 Unstable glucose levels can  lead to  deterioration in nerve function, abnormal  nerve impulses,  as well as a  reduction in  blood supply to the feet, due to increase stiffness and  plaque development of the arteries and small vessels.

Being equipped with an effective diabetic foot management plan and appropriate footwear and tools can minimise the impact of conditions. 

Some of the more common foot problems faced by people with diabetes include:

  • Changes to nerve function (numbness, and strange sensations in the feet).
  • Reduced blood flow through the vessels of the feet, compromising lower limb circulation.
  • Reduced mobility of joints.
  • Foot deformities.

In combination, if left untreated, these changes can potentially lead to much greater problems, including:

  • Trauma
  • Infection
  • Ulceration
  • Amputation
shoes for diabetic foot conditions


The best way to avoid diabetes-related foot problems is to take care of your feet and keep a close eye on any changes. Blood sugar should be kept under control, and a healthy diet plus regular exercise are both extremely important.

Regular visits to the podiatrist can greatly reduce the risk of foot complications, as any  changes can be monitored and problems diagnosed and treated early. We can also give you advice on how to properly care for your feet.

At Cheltenham Podiatry, our foot specialists are able to carry out annual diabetic foot assessments, and we can also perform a Doppler ultrasound for much deeper analysis when required.

After an assessment is carried out, our expert podiatrists can recommend strategies and develop a foot management plan to reduce discomfort and provide tools help with day to day functions. We stock a range of Dr Comfort shoes which are suitable for diabetics and can provide recommendations on other treatment options such as orthotics where appropriate.

The results are then reported to your GP and diabetic specialist, helping you to manage your overall health and prevent diabetic foot issues in the future.

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The specialist podiatrists at Cheltenham Podiatry are experts in diabetic foot assessments, management plans and treatment options.

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