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At Cheltenham Podiatry your local Cheltenham podiatrists in Melbourne, we stock a large variety of products to help enhance our comprehensive treatment services.These include Dr Comfort Footwear, Alegria rocker shoes and Orthoheel sandals and thongs to improve support and enhance your foot comfort. We also carry anti fungal creams and sprays for skin and toe nails fungus. Paddings , toe devices (for corns, calluses, heel pain), as well as moisturizers for dry skin. Circulation socks and compressionstockings, bunion splints, and heel balms for cracked heels.


The treatment for tinea pedis is dictated by the type and severity of tinea you have. It is best to seek advice from your podiatrist for the most effective therapy. Treatment for the skin generally involves the application of a topical treatment such as an antifungal cream,sprays  and tinea powders for shoes and socks. It should be noted that creams, sprays  should be used for at least fourteen days to one month after you think the tinea has gone to ensure all dermatophytes have been eradicated. For the fungal toenails, topical liquids from the chemist are only effective in very early mild fungal infections, and require  daily application for many months with regular aggressive removal of the infected region. More moderate to severe infection are unfortunately resistant to the over the counter treatments. A new alternative is PACT Photodynamic therapy Antimicrobial Therapy, a safe,effective and painless treatment. One of the most important aspect of the management of tinea is prevention as recurrence


is common.

 Treatment for dry cracked heels

Dry cracked heels are often aggravated in the summer , due to increase in wearing open heeled shoes(th

dry,cracked heels

ongs and sandels). The reduction in the natural urea(produced by the skin) content in the skin is a common cause of dry heels. Heel balms have become a common commodity for this condition, the main active ingredient being urea.

Here at Cheltenham Podiatry we have sourced and researched for the best available heel balm on the market with one of the highest concentrations of urea. We have this available and advise for daily application, particularly in summer.


Red Robin circulation socks help to promote healthy blood flow to the feet. Red Robin circulation socks are made with strong, absorbent and natural fibres, are knitted for comfort, have no elastic and a fine toe seam to avoid irritation.They have a cushioned sole for extra foot comfort .These  socks are ideal for those suffering from diabetes and people with poor circulation in their feet.         socks

Silver Socks have been manufactured with a process of impregnating the fibre with silver. Silver has natural anti bacterial and anti fungal abilities making it  ideal to help prevent fungal and bacterial infections on the feet.


Bunion Splint

The Arcus® Night Splint was developed to assist with correcting toe alignment and reducing the pain associated with Bunions , while you sleep. An Arcus® Night Splint when used in conjunction with exercises and orthotics, where appropriate, can help prevent further bunion development. Hallux Valgus (Bunions) can be an extremely painful condition, and can lead to severe forefoot deformities caused by weakness of the tendons and ligaments. It is largely an inherited condition which can be aggravated by high heeled and pointy toed shoes.


Toe and shoe pads 

We carry a large range of toe and shoe pads which are often issued in conjunction with podiatry treatment. Many of the pads can prevent or slow down corn and callous redevelopment if worn on a regular basis. They range from foam and felts to the popular silicone materials.


Compression socks and stockings

At Cheltenham podiatry, Melbourne, compression therapy can be employed to help prevent varicose vein problems and ankle swelling. We carry various sizes and brands to suit the situation.Compression socks and  stockings are also used for prophylaxis  of Deep Vein Thrombosis. The pressure with compression therapy, is applied to the tissue and vessels to prevent ankle swelling. They can also be used to help heal ulcers and ankle skin conditions where ankle swelling is the causative factor.

Cam Walkers

We now carry a full range of both standard and air pump cam walkers in stock. Air pump model allows for a more customised fit.

Our Podiatrists are experts at managing sports injuries, and are able to fit and size up an appropriate walker.These are often used for :

– Acute fractures from a specific injury

– Stress fractures related to overuse/overtraining

– High-grade ankle sprains

– Chronic overuse tendon injuries

— Combined with regenerative injection therapy

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