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Cheltenham Podiatrists in Melbourne are proud to be one of the 1st clinics to provide this latest technology for nail fungus infections. 

Fungal nails, or fungal nail disease (onychomycosis), are a common condition for feet. Toenail Fungal Infection has long frustrated podiatrists due to the lack of an effective, safe and affordable treatment. Most topical liquids require daily application for months or years and offer average results. Oral tablets have a good success rate but carry the risk of severe side effects such as liver damage. Nail fungus laser treatment by podiatrists in Melbourne  can be uncomfortable due to heat build up, requires a good technique  and is very expensive ( $800- $2000), thus making it unaffordable to the majority. Finally, PACT by your local Cheltenham podiatrist is TGA approved and ticks all the boxes to combat Toenail Fungus, see below. For more info on PACT see Blog

PACT therapy by your local Cheltenham podiatrist – for effective treatment of nail fungus infections


 Diagnosis of toenail fungus infection 


The signs of nail fungus infection are characteristic, and visual diagnosis is easily detected by Melbourne podiatrists Jacqueline Kan, Helen Fouyaxis and Adam Yao. In doubtful cases, scrapings are taken from the infected nail and sent to pathology, or we can do our own inhouse fungal nail testing that takes 5 min .

How does PACT? nail fungus treatment work on toenail conditions? 

Due to a special  dye (photosensitised), microorganisms become sensitive to light at a certain wavelength and die off within a short space of time. PACT nail fungus dye, toluidine blue, is a special non-toxic dye (phenothiazine). The dye spreads; chiefly accumulating on the cell walls of the fungi, and makes them extremely sensitive to light.


The affected area is selectively stimulated with light at a wavelength of 630 nm, thus destroying fungi/bacteria by forming a singlet oxygen, without harming the skin or human tissue.



All cases require 3 initial appointments (sessions) within a seven -fourteen day period. At each appointment, the fungus infested nail is filed(burred), the blue dye applied, and a 10 minute period is allowed for the dye to penetrate the fungi. The light therapy is then applied for 9.5 minutes. There is no pain, heat, or side effects. Clinically, it appears to be 80% successful, which is equivalent to laser treatment. Mild  cases may require 1 – 3 months  treatments, while moderate may require 3-6 months of treatment.  Severe cases require  an alternative treatment plan. Click here  for more information, Blog on PACT

PACT is safer and less than half the price of nail fungal lasers with equivalent results. $110 per session (no limit on number of nails at each session).


Fungal organisms like darkness, warmth and moisture, and most often initially infect at the tips of the toenails, so some handy tips to help prevent infections include:

1. Keep feet open in light  (indoors and outdoors, as white light contains a wavelength of light that is very uncomfortable for the organism) as much as possible.

2.Avoid wearing nail polish.

3.Keep nails cut relatively short (but not painfully short).

4. Spray shoes,socks and toenails often with anti fungal sprays.

5.Avoid nail salons ( instruments are often not sterilised).

4.Wear thongs around pools and in public showers and change rooms.

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