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Posted on: March 5 2023

A ganglion is a lump or mass that forms from a joint or tendon sheath(covering layer of a tendon), and often occurs on the foot and ankle. It’s typically round or oval-shaped and may be small or large, depending on the size and location of the affected joint or tendon.

lump below the ankle is the ganglion

Ganglions are benign masses of a gel like substance. However, they can cause pain or discomfort, particularly if they press on a nerve or interfere with joint movement.

Treatment for ganglions depends on their size, location, and symptoms. If they are painless, we advise to leave them, as unfortunately they often re occur. Small ganglions may go away on their own, or with home treatment, such as rest, ice, and compression. Larger ganglions that are painful and will not go away, may require medical treatment, such as aspiration (drawing out the mass with a needle and syringe) or surgery, to relieve pain.

black round space is the ganglion

Here at Cheltenham Podiatry our podiatrists are experts in ganglion aspiration via ultrasound guidance to ensure safety and complete removal, for almost instant pain relief. Apart from aspiration our podiatrists will then also inject a high concentration of sterile saline into the cyst, this has has shown in a research cohert to be very successful in preventing reoccurrence.

Our procedure is done under local anaesthetic for pain free experience. 

If you have a ganglion or know someone that does, please contact the clinic to see if this procedure is suitable for you. 

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