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Posted on: January 26 2022

Nerve pain is a common condition treated at Cheltenham Podiatry. Our podiatrists are experts in treating these conditions. Nerve Pain is often described as extreme sensations (often sharp shooting, burning pain, tingling) and is often due to a compression injury or trauma/ damage to a nerve. Usually occurring after surgery, injury or/and  tight footwear. The trauma leaves the nerve inflammed, and entrapped in the layers of tissue causing the symptoms. In the past, treatment options have been limited to strong pain medication  that can often have unwanted side effects.

Mortons neuroma is a common nerve condition in the forefoot. It often occurs between the 3rd and 4th Metatarsal heads at the common  plantar digital nerve where it travels through the transverse ligament.  It can be due to narrow toe box shoes, poor biomechanics, and pressure between the ball of the foot and tranverse ligament.


Nerve pain at the top of the foot is commonly result of pressure from poor or ill fitting footwear, or other traumatic events leading to  inflammation of the branches of the superficial fibular nerve. 

Tarsal tunnel syndrome is a condition where a branch of the Posterior Tibial nerve is compressed as it travels through the anatomical region of the tarsal tunnel on the inside of the ankle. pain sensations can radiate into the sole, heel and toes. Any tissue that compresses the nerve can lead to the condition, eg swollen tendons, varicosities, cysts, ganglions or ankle injuries that compress the nerve will lead to symptoms.

Here at Cheltenham podiatry, we are passionate in providing latest techniques that are safer and  side-effect-free. This includes photobiomodulation ( infra red and red laser light), and various injection therapies, including perineural injection therapy(also known as lyftogt PIT), and nerve hydrodissection.

Photobiomodulation can reduce inflammation and pain and help heal damaged nerves. This can also help reduce pain from peripheral neuropathies, as seen in diabetic neuropathy, alcoholic neuropathy, or neuropathy due to chemotherapy.

 Perineural Injection therapy-(Lyftogt PIT) is a dynamic and innovative regenerative treatment,  a form of prolotherapy involving a medical grade 5% dextrose solution injected subcutaneously. It’s safe, simple , usually only requiring between 3-6 sessions.

In some cases, nerve hydro dissection, a more recently developed technique- where an ultrasound guided high volume injection usually of 5% dextrose’s, releases the nerve form scar tissue, and compressive forces.  

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