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Posted on: February 19 2015

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Our  Podiatrists  based in melbourne,  have introduced the latest technology in 3D laser foot scanning .  Combined with their expert training in the latest techniques in lower limb biomechanics,movement  and orthotic manufacture,  a more accurate and  suitable custom orthotic can be manufactured .They have many years of experience supplying orthotics from toddlers to professional V.F.L. footballers, state squash players,pro tennis players , and the aged, etc. At the initial appointment, a full history and assesment is done to identify the cause of the problem , and a treatment plan is then developed. A detailed biomechanical assesment  and gait analysis will follow, which  provides further key information which will help to direct the type of orthotic required. A 3D laser scan  of the feet is  taken if a custom made device is required. In some cases , a semi custom device only is warranted, here a template is chosen from a large range of materials and adjusted accordingly. For either type of device, appropriate shock absorbing  paddings are often layered over the top of the device with a top covers . Orthotic manufacture is an intensive activity and thus takes time,often involving over 20 steps.On many ocassions shoe prescription will follow,as well as appropriate exercises and advice.

In some sitiuations where only mild support or cushioning is required off the shelf  orthotics may be used.

A wide range of  patients from children, elite athletes, to diabetics  and the elderly,  benefit from orthotics.Cheltenham podiatry have  access to the latest materials,including flexible E.V.A, carbon fibres and composites ,memory foams, and bamboo top covers .

The orthotics can be tailored to a wide range of needs, by utiliizing different materials,paddings ,and shapes.There is a 4 month inclusion time(custom or semi custom orthotics) for any further orthotic adjustments or extra appointments required from the date of issue , to ensure the best outcome is attained without any extra cost to the patient.

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