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Posted on: February 19 2015

Pact Nail Fungus Therapy

A new alternative to laser nail fungal treatment.Melbourne Podiatrist Jacqueline Kan and Helen Fouyaxis at Cheltenham Podiatry, and the assistant staff have been trained in the application of Pact Nail Fungus Technology and are happy to be able to provide this treatment option to their patients. This technology has been used in dentistry and veterinary medicine for some time.   With this method, bacteria, viruses and fungi can be eliminated from skin surfaces, toenails and fingernails.

Nail fungus

PACT® nail fungus therapy – for effective treatment of nail fungus infections


PACT® Nail Fungus Gel was specially developed for application to toenails and fingernails and it only works in combination with exposure to light from a PACT® MED light device. 

Diagnosis of nail fungus infection

The symptoms of nail fungus infection are characteristic and visual diagnosis is usually sufficient by melbourne podiatrist Jacqueline Kan and Helen Fouyaxis . In cases of doubt, for exact identification of the species of fungus it is necessary to make a culture with a sample sent to pathology. There are a few conditions that can replicate the signs of fungal nail infections e.g. psoriasis

How does PACT® nail fungus treatment work?

The technology has been developed so that the blue dye is matched to the 630 nm light wavelength, resulting in a chemical reaction. The blue dye gel is applied  to the nail, it attatches itself to the cell wall of the dermatophyte (fungi) , when the light is applied  a chemical reaction occurs  releasing an excited(singlet) oxygen molecule . This damages the cell wall and causes the fungi organism to die. The more severe the infection, the more frequently treatment can and should be performed .This selectively of the light prevents any human tissue being affected.


Your melbourne podiatrist will burr and remove any fungal infected nail tissue first, then  apply PACT® Nail Fungus Gel to the affected nail generously. The gel must cover the entire nail and be allowed to act for approx. 10 minutes. Your melbourne podiatrist will  then apply the  the PACT® MED  LED light for 9.5 minutes at a distance of approx. 2.5 cm.

End of treatment

In mild to moderate cases the results are reviewed in 3 months,as nails are slow to grow. If the affected part of the nail fails to grow out but spreads towards the nail wall, application can be repeated and prolonged if necessary. Severe cases require a different treatment plan.A Clinical trial recently in Melbourne Australia resulted in over  80% clearance rate,making it as successful if not better than nail laser treatment.

Infected Ulcers,Wounds

This technology can also be used to also kill off bacteria and  viruses due to the fact they also have a cell wall,  and therefore the technology is also beneficial in the treatment of infected ulcers .The same dye is applied to the ulcer, staining the microorganisms’ cell wall . This ensures  that the microorganisms are selectively made sensitive to the PACT light.The  light is applied,and then normal dressings, and paddings are applied. Light kills like an antibiotic or antimycotic.

This technology may become very useful where bacteria have become resistant to an antibiotic. Pact will always be effective as microrganisms can not form a resistance to the chemical reaction.

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