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Posted on: June 18 2018

With the Soccer season in full steam, we are passionate about keeping our players free from injury, and those sustaining injuries getting them back into play as quick as possible. Boots play an important role here- appropriate fit , with the correct structural components as well as suitability for the individuals biomechanics are all crucial . See the following list

1. Try on the boots prior to purchasing them to ensure comfort

2. If you have orthotics take them with you when trying on your boots as they will affect the fit and comfort.

3. Walk around in the boots for at least 10-15 minutes prior to buying to ensure no pain or discomfort.

4. Try on the boots with the socks that you typically wear for football.

5. Make sure there is one thumb width from the longest toe when standing.

6. Ensure that the boots only bend at the toe area and not through the middle of the shoe.

7. Make sure there is a firm heel counter for stability (test by squeezing the back of the heel)

8. A small heel raise (wedge) built into the boot can help prevent calf/ Achilles injuries.

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