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Cheltenham Podiatrists in Melbourne,  are  proud to be one of the 1st clinics in Australia to provide this latest technology for toe nail fungal infections.

Toe Nail fungus has long been a frustation for many podiatrists due to unavailability of an effective,safe and affordable treatment. Most topical liquids require daily application for months or years with poor results(20-30% success). Oral tablets  can have an improved  success rate but carry the risk of severe sideffects(liver damage) and a variety of other mild side effects. Nail fungus Lasers by melbourne podiatrists can have  success , but can be uncomfortable due to heat build up ,and  results are  technique specific(inconsistant results between operators) .Its is also very expensive ( $800- $2000 or more ),  making it unaffordable to the majority. Finally, PACT by your cheltenham podiatrist is TGA approved and ticks all the boxes, newer than laser, consistant results,cheaper and has no heat build up.


 Podiatry Bentleigh

Melbourne based local clinic, Cheltenham Podiatry, are specialists in foot care and provide foot care products to our customers. The clinic provides essential podiatry services, comprehensive advice, and use state of art equipment. This includes Paraffin foot therapy, in order to meet the needs of local people in Bentleigh, and the surrounding areas. Our Foot Specialist Bentleigh services also include: Toenail conditions such as nail fungus, treatment with our ‘PACT’ nail fungus therapy, that is new to Australia. We also specialize in sports injuries and prevention, as well as treatments for achilles pain, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, knee pain and sever’s disease.




 Orthotics Bentleigh

Orthotics improve the function and efficiency of feet and lower limb joints by redistributing excessive pressures and loads, improving postural stability and function, and reducing tissue stress and pain. Melbourne based Bentleigh Podiatrists are local orthotic experts with specialist training in the latest techniques in biomechanical assessment and gait analysis developed at Latrobe University to ensure the appropriate treatments. We offer a complete range of orthotic services, including soft and rigid orthotics and tailor made devices using 3D foot impression equipment.


Orthotics Bentleigh cater for both adult and children’s orthotics. Children’s Orthotics Bentleigh, provide orthotic devices that can be effective in the treatment and prevention of foot deformities, growth pains, and encourage normal leg development and function. Children’s Orthotics Bentleigh offers a complete service the same as adults, although more regular follow up assessments will be required due to a child’s growth. Orthotics are frequently used to prevent and treat sports injuries, stress fractures, heel and foot pain, shin splints, arch and joint, shin or knee pain, back pain, arthritis-osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis, flat feet, and ulcers. They work by redistributing forces and pressures. We provide custom , semi-custom orthotics, and preformed orthotics/arch supports , the type of treatment depends on many factors based on biomechanical assessment, shoes, activity, medical conditions, and foot pathology. There is a huge array of both soft and rigid carbon fibre materials to choose from, as well as paddings. Orthotic prescription is often accompanied with a treatment program of muscle stretching, strengthening, mobilisation, and footwear selection where appropriate.

orthoticsfoot pressure

 Nail Fungus Bentleigh

Melbourne based Bentleigh Podiatrists treat ’Fungal Nail Infections’ . This is a fungal nail disease common in the feet (onychomycosis). Toenail fungus infections have long frustrated podiatrists due to the lack of an effective, safe and affordable treatment. Most treatments require daily application for months, even years with average results. Oral tablets have a good success rate but risk severe side effects. Nail fungus laser treatment by local podiatrists in Melbourne need a good technique, but can be uncomfortable due to heat build up, and is expensive. Nail fungus infection signs are characteristic, and visual diagnosis can be confirmed by Melbourne podiatrists (scrapings are taken from infected nails and sent to pathology in doubtful cases).


Bentleigh Podiatrists have introduced a new treatment, ‘PACT’ nail fungus therapy, which combines a special non toxic dye, matched with a specific wavelength 630nm intense LED light , without any pain or damage to skin while treating the fungal nails. Melbourne based Bentleigh Podiatrists also treat other common foot conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinitis/tendinosis, Severes Disease, Bunions, Ingrown Toenails, Corns and Calluses, Diabetes Complications, Ulcers, and Knee and Arthritic pain. Treatments are based on comprehensive consultations and professional advice. A comprehensive range of foot care products are available to complement treatments,including bunion splints, toe and heel pads, Red Robin circulation socks, compression socks and stockings.


We are a Melbourne based podiatry clinic next to Westfield Southland in Highett but service all surrounding suburbs, including Cheltenham, Highett,  SandringhamBrighton, Black RockMentone, and Bentleigh.

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