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Our Melbourne based podiatrists are orthotic experts with specialist training in biomechanics and orthotic design.  They cater for both adult orthotics and children’s orthotics. Orthotics (arch support and arch support insoles) improve the function and efficiency of feet and lower limb joints by redistributing excessive pressures and loads, improving postural stability and function, and reducing tissue stress and pain. Our Cheltenham clinic, Melbourne, offer a complete range of orthotic services, including soft orthotics, and rigid orthotics for a range of footwear. See Orthotics Blog


Custom Orthotics 

Cheltenham Podiatry offer tailor made devices by using 3D laser foot scan and this can now be combined with 3D printed custom orthotics. The design of a custom orthotic for each patient depends on many factors, e.g. biomechanical assessment, shoes, activity, medical conditions, and foot pathology. There is a huge array of materials, paddings, that can be used to manufacture both soft orthotics and rigid orthotics. Your podiatrist will conduct a gait analysis and biomechanical assessment to ensure the appropriate device is issued. An orthotic prescription is often accompanied with a treatment program of muscle stretching, strengthening, mobilization, and footwear selection where appropriate. See Blog



Semicustom Orthotics 

Semi-custom orthotics are pre-made from a template that can be manipulated to suit an individual’s need. They are available in soft or rigid materials with a large disposal of paddings and materials. A Gait analysis and biomechanical assessment is an initial requirement to ensure the correct device is employed. Orthotic prescription is often accompanied with a treatment program of muscle stretching, strengthening, mobilization and footwear selection where appropriate.


Preformed off  shelf Orthotics 

Pre-formed off shelf orthotics will occasionally suffice. They offer simple and mild support. This will be determined by your Melbourne podiatrist.


Childrens Orthotics 

We  also  provide Children’s Orthotics.  Cheltenham parents can be assured they will help in the treatment and prevention of foot deformities, growth pains, and encourage normal leg development and function. The orthotics can be placed directly into appropriate shoes. Children’s orthotics, as opposed to adult orthotics, will often need to be replaced when the foot increases by 2 shoe sizes.


Orthotics are frequently used to prevent and treat the following conditions:

• overuse injuries(sports injuries)

• stress fractures

• plantar fasciitis(heel pain)

• shin splints (medial tibial stress syndrome)

• heel pain, foot pain, arch pain, joint pain, shin or knee pain, back pain

• arthritis-osteoarthritis,rheumatoid arthritis

• flat feet

• ulcers


Biomechanical Asssesment and gait analysis

Cheltenham Podiatrists in Melbourne use the latest methodology in  orthotic therapy .

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