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Telehealth Now available

bulkbilled through medicare and DVA where applicable *

We now offer telehealth podiatry consultations for our patients.

This can be either by video call or via telephone if video call is not available.

These are great for people who are unable to physically attend an appointment, whether it be due to isolation from COVID-19, or other physical barriers.

There is a large body of evidence that suggests outcomes from telehealth consultations are the same as attending in-person.

Telehealth appointments are a great way to get a diagnosis, learn about your condition and what to expect, and receive a personalized treatment plan.

You can also have a chat with your podiatrist to review the outcomes of your treatment.
We use online video calls through Zoom, but can use other options such as WhatsApp video call, etc if you prefer, to conduct the appointment.

If you have a chronic disease medicare plan in place the appointment is currently bulk billed through medicare.
The Department of Veteran Affairs patient’s are also eligible for Telehealth.
Most Private health insurances now cover telehealth .

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